Vulnerability, Flowers and Photos


When we get out of our comfort zone, how does that look? What challenges or feelings does that stir up? For me I love being behind the scenes capturing moments and memories of my family. When someone takes photos of me I feel like I am a fish out of water, it’s very uncomfortable to be the one being captured, the center of attention or focal point. That feeling of vulnerability at times will either stop me from moving forward or pushes me to grow. In this new chapter, of being self-growing as I get out of my comfort zone it is allowing me to be vulnerable within certain parameters of my pond while slowly sinking my toes deeper in. This impromptu photo shoot where I didn’t have time to over analyze what, when, where and how and just jumped in is a perfect example of reaching outside of myself. Yesterday I laid in a bathtub surrounded with amazing flowers, milk water and trusted a stranger to photograph me with barely anything on. We bonded over being women, mothers, entrepreneurs, support of each other with a journey of similarities. I gained a new friend who’s a true beauty with an amazing heart and vision. It’s therapeutic for all to get out of our comfort zone and challenge ourselves as we will never know until we try…vulnerability doesn’t have to be associated with a negative outcome but a positive experience for change and growth.

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