This is the Beginning

Beginnings can happen for many reasons. Beginnings can also bring about an array of emotions. My beginning is finally starting. I feel grateful, positive, hopeful, bright and filled with so many amazing things I want to accomplish. I have secrectly spoken about them but I have never truly declared them. I want to impact many humans around me to KNOW they deserve to be respected, loved and honored. I want to shed light on abuse and the impact it has had on my family and others on a daily basis. I want to show you first hand the ability to heal and move forward through faith and grace. I want to speak to anyone who wants to hear my story. If you feel empowered to share yours, I am ready to listen. I know I am NOT ALONE on my journey and neither are you! My DREAM is to get this social media platform off the ground, blog, podcast, retail options (individual and supporting other small businesses) and public speaking. I want to be that person who can help and inspire each of you to embrace your journey, empower you and encourage you to be part of the change.

What does your beginning look like? What do you want?


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