Storms Don’t Last Forever


Weathering storms can be very scary pending the type of natural disaster we are exposed to where we reside in this world. Some storms are more damaging than others, they can be extremely damaging to the extent we are left with no choice but to rebuild our life, our home and sometimes even our children. Just like mother nature, this can also occur when the wrong person is part of our lives. I lived with a narcissistic sociopath for a decade; the behavior which was exhibited was horrid, emotionally, mentally and at times physically detrimental. No one wants to help those suffering from emotional abuse because there are no visible markings. The tears dry up after a while….what left is the feeling of not being worthy, not being good enough, not being smart enough, being put down for your appearance and body shamed. I often told people it would’ve been much easier if he was physically abusive rather than emotionally because then someone would intervene. The damage has been at times severely crippling including the frequent and altering anxiety attacks, but it doesn’t last forever. I can promise you with therapy, support, exiting the person out of your life and having BOUNDARIES….this storm will PASS!! There have been days where I have felt that I am on the most intense outdoor obstacle course of my life, the damage has been done, deep scars have been left…however I am NOT letting him be the author to my story. What I have learned more than anything the last few years is to love yourself, reflect, journal, exercise, have healthy boundaries, mental health is extremely important…put your oxygen mask on! xo Carey

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