Be Brave – Jeremiah 28:11


I am so grateful for each and everyday I wake up to see the sunrise and my children running into my room to greet me for morning snuggles. In my journey I am constantly reminded the tremendous blessings which suround me.  I strive to live in the moment…I have been removed from an unhealthy, destructive, emotionally devastating relationship.  I made the choice to walk through this journey in all of the raw pain. I have had days filled with excruciating lows where I just could barely make it out of my bed, sobbing and trying to wrap my head around if this was truly my life, my now.  When will this pain end?  Why can’t this just be just a horrible nightmare? How could someone destroy their wife and children so carelessly? There have also been days were I sit and reflect on how far I have come. All the hard work, self love, new found boundaries, growing as a woman and mother, my endless journey on healing.  There is light I promise….Be Brave! Be Beautiful! Be You!

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